How Does the Platform Work?

Blaze Capital Platform Explained

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Blaze Capital Algo is a stock trading algo that provides REVERSAL SIGNALS on the STOCKS you already WANT TO BUY.

The Blaze Algo runs in real-time on any stock of your choosing. Our platform delivers alerts to you in multiple ways:

  • Directly on our web application
  • Additionally, we offer Slack notifications

By pairing the algo with our individual stock screening and trading style, we are able to gain an unfair advantage in the stock market*.

Don’t miss out on a great trade – give us a try for free today.

This product is perfect for the average retail investor who either works a full-time job or just wants an edge in the market – and is equally beneficial to Day Traders who want shorter-term signals.

Think Less, Earn More

Our Strategy is Simple:

  1. Plan - a Shopping List of stocks you already want to buy
  2. Wait - for the Algo to deliver an actional idea for your desired timeframe (short, medium, long term)
  3. Assess - Assess your alert – do you agree with it? Validate the idea - and finally
  4. Proceed - Create an actionable trading plan – including your target and stop-loss

Our Suggested Timeframes:

  • Trade = Exit after 1-3 Weeks, whichever is sooner
  • Swing = Exit after 2-12 Weeks
  • Investment = Exit after 3+ Months

These timeframes are meant to provide a general roadmap for an expected holding period. Use your own discretion.

  • * An algo “idea” on its own – does not automatically mean the stock is a buy, do your due diligence and validate every trigger before entering

Investment Alert - AMD

This is an example of an AMD Investment algo alert. The algo was emotionless, calculated and profitable - timing this entry right around the 50MA while the market was scared the stock was going to lose the moving average. We had booked gains above $110, but if you held on the potential was 80%+

Swing Trade Alert - CCJ

During the market downturn, CCJ was standing out as a candidate to trade with the recent technology bear market. Knowing when to enter these names can be difficult. By pairing the algo with our interest in CCJ, we were able to yield a 20% return, but the stock ended up going a bit higher!

  • In this CCJ example, we exited our position after 6 trading sessions

Swing Trade Alert - AAPL

Apple is a stock everyone likes to trade, and it can be hard finding the right time to buy. We want to have an unfair advantage when entering. By pairing our desire to enter AAPL with the Swing Trade alert, we were able to yield 7%.

  • In this AAPL example, we exited our position after 15 trading sessions, but it led to a substantial rally higher (which we may have let ride longer)

Trade Alert - MSFT

Microsoft is a great blue-chip stock that triggers infrequently, but when it does - I take note. On February 1, we got an alert right at the open, and the stock immediately rallied - yielding roughly 2.5-3.7%.

  • In this MSFT example, we exited our position after 2 hours